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Spousal Sponsorship

Our team will work to reunite you and your spouse/partner faster by starting the work immediately and avoiding errors in your application.

By avoiding errors and weaknesses in your application on the first attempt, you will also save on time and money in the process.


Don’t Let Denials Stop Your Spouse from Coming Home

Our team will position your appeal for approval by fixing weaknesses in your case (e.g., lack of documentation, lack of authenticity in the relationship, etc).

You will also avoid another rejection by having your application highlight your spouse’s strengths, such as education and potential value to Canada.

If you’re unable to get spousal sponsorship approval, we’ll find alternative paths.

For example, we’ll see if your spouse qualifies for other immigration programs, such as Express Entry, and help them gain PR status through those instead.

Cut Spousal Sponsorship Processing Times. Reunite Sooner.

By filing your application without errors, focusing on the strengths of your case, and getting all of your documents, your application will be processed faster.

Quick Spousal Sponsorship Checklist

To avoid a rejected application — or in some cases, even an interview, our team will:

Succeed on Your Spousal Sponsorship Application the First Time!

Stop Your Application for Spousal Sponsorship from Coming Back

The IRCC’s visa officers are looking for gaps in your case, such as lack of proof or documents, priors, bad optics in the relationship, and other issues.

In fact, things you consider perfectly fine may not look right to the IRCC; that lack of understanding could result in an interview or denial.

Our team will spot these issues before we submit your application, and boost the chances of your application getting approved on the first attempt.

We’ll prevent denial by helping you gather lots of documentation, get references from religious or community leaders, and speak to your spouse’s strengths (e.g., their employability, education, etc).

Don’t Let Your Application Fail at the Interview Stage

In some cases, the IRCC may call you for an interview. This can be stressful for some applicants, and can be a cause for failure in your application.

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