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At Krylov Lam and Company, Immigration Lawyers we are committed to protecting your rights as a refugee claimant in Canada. Appearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) can be an overwhelming experience. Krylov Lam and Company, Immigration Lawyers is here to help you through this process.

When you choose Krylov Lam and Company, Immigration lawyers, you have our commitment to shed light on your story. We provide you with guidance as we work together to gather evidence in support of your refugee claim. We prepare both written and oral submissions using human rights reports, country condition documentation, legislation, and case law to encourage the decision maker to render a positive decision.

Krylov Lam and Company, Immmigration Lawyers provides the following refugee protection services

Humanitarian and Compassionate

Individuals who believe their personal circumstance may compel a Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) consideration. You may apply from within or outside Canada. Under section 25 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Canada’s Minister may grant special permission for individuals who would otherwise be considered inadmissible to Canada in consideration of Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds.

It is important to consider that cases of this nature require highly qualified and experienced representation. Contact Krylov Lam and Company, Immigration lawyers for an assessment of your case. All consultations and assessments are held in strict confidence. Generally, this application is an application for a permanent residence of last resort, once all other immigration streams have been exhausted. At Krylov Lam and Company, Immigration Lawyers we only take on cases of this nature, if we believe that we can help you and that you have a case that warrants a Minister’s exemption.

Canada Express Entry Eligibility & Requirements

Canada has three federal programs to attract people with unique skills, experience or value.

By doing this, the government hopes to bring in skilled immigrants who can contribute to the country’s developing economy.

People who are accepted into any of these programs are granted a Canadian Immigrant Visa.

This permanent resident visa allows the individual to move to Canada.

To meet Express Entry requirements, you must qualify for one of the following programs:

The Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC) is for people with specific types of work experience who want to live anywhere outside of Quebec.

There is a Quebec Skilled Worker Class program for people who want to live in Quebec. These programs are for individuals who do not yet live or work in Canada.

Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is intended for people who already work in Canada.

To be eligible to apply for this program, you have to have worked for at least one year in a skilled, professional or technical position at a Canadian company. You must also pass a language test.

You don’t qualify for the CEC if you’re self-employed. Some foreigners who attend university in Canada gain experience working at a co-op or interning. Those positions don’t count as skilled, professional or technical positions within the Canadian workforce. However, the CEC is ideal for people who graduate from a Canadian university or college.

Those people are usually allowed to stay in the country temporarily with a postgraduate work permit. After one year of working in a qualified field under that permit or with Canadian work experience, you may become eligible under CEC’s Express Entry requirements


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