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Denied Entry


Canada can be a very welcoming place for those looking to experience everything it has to offer. However, not all applicants will be able to enter. People may be denied entry to Canada for many different reasons, including:

Denial of entry can be a big problem for anyone, especially if they intend to visit relatives. However, there is the option to request a Temporary Residence Permit that allows access to the country but not permanent residence.

It is better to use a professional immigration advisor than Canadian laws can be very complex and are changing over time. Without an advisor, one can be overwhelmed by the process.

What is a temporary residence permit?

A temporary residence permit (TRP) allows you to go to Canada as a visitor, student or employee. If deemed inadmissible, a PRT may allow you to enter the country.

If deemed inadmissible, Krylov Lam and Company may develop a case for a Temporary Residence Permit. By working with us, we will help you through the complex laws and legal processes.


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