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Business Investors

Canadian Business, Investment and Immigration

You’re not just moving to Canada, you’re trying to set-up a profitable business too.

Krylov Lam and Company, Immigration Lawyers will help you get Permanent Residency (PR) and open a profitable business in Canada by:

You Need Guidance on Opening — and Growing — Your Business in Canada?

Our team will guide you with building a realistic business plan so that you make strong profits in the Canadian market.

Work in a Place You Enjoy Living In. Neither you nor your business will thrive if you go to a province or city that doesn’t match with your lifestyle and commercial needs.

At Krylov Lam and Company, Immigration Lawyers, you’ll be equipped to select the destination that makes moving to Canada both enjoyable for you and your family, and profitable.

Don’t Let the Paperwork Give You Headaches.

Be it taxes, business registration, or compliance, there’s a lot of paperwork involved when setting-up a business in Canada.

Don’t let paperwork delay your PR or business, we’ll get you in touch with accountants, lawyers, and other help

Canada’s business immigration laws are constantly changing, and they’re only becoming more complicated. Our team will guide you through the full process so that you don’t lose time and money by struggling to file your application.

Canadian Business Immigration Streams

Enter Quickly When it Re-Opens

The Investor Immigration path is currently closed, but it could re-open. Work with our team to prepare for that situation and get your PR faster.

If you can’t wait, then work with Bright Immigration to secure your PR through one of dozens of other business immigration programs in Canada.

Next Steps

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Call Our Office to Discuss Your Business Immigration Application.

Step 2
Book an Appointment to Assess the Strength of Your Application.

Step 3
Get Started on Moving to Canada & Setting-Up a Profitable Business!

Canada Business Immigration Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are My Business Immigration Options?
At the federal level, there are two main options: the Self-Employed Program and Start-Up Visa Program. Each province also has its own business immigration programs (see the chart below for more details).

How Do I Qualify as a Self-Employed Person?
You must have at least 2 years of relevant experience and an application showing a complete plan of how you intend to become self-employed in Canada. Call Bright Immigration today to get started on the application process without delay.

How Do Qualify Under the Start-Up Visa Program?
To qualify for the Start-Up Visa Program, you must have an eligible business, meet Canada’s language requirements, have a letter of support, and enough money to settle before making money off your business. Call Bright Immigration today for more details.

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